• Enjoy the benefits of your

    New Smart Card

    Your new card with QR code will allow
    you to insert your electronic tickets in it
    and board easily.

    Preferential Rates

    As an UltraPlan member and a Cozumel
    or Isla Mujeres resident, you will enjoy
    preferential rates.

    Frequent Traveler Mileage

    With every trip, you will accumulate
    miles that can be redeemed for tickets.
    The more mileage you accumulate, the
    more tickets you may obtain.

    Telephone Concierge

    With a single call you can receive
    useful information on our
    destinations and our services.

    Discounts and Promotions

    Your UltraPlan membership, will give you
    access to special promotions and
    discounts in a vast network of restaurants,
    health and beauty shops, boutiques,
    entertainment, and many more.

    Here you can learn more
    about the discount and
    promotion network:

    Your Concierge line is:

    800 444 0693